TinTin Squirrel
23 Jun 2016

Man Rescues Baby Squirrel and Obviously they Become BFFs

When this little red squirrel was only 4-weeks-old, he fell four stories behind Decan Anderson’s building in Denmark. The little critter suffered a nasty chest wound from the fall and was abandoned by his mother. Fortunately, Decan, a kind badass, was there to help. He got the squirrel medical help and nursed him back to…

21 Jun 2016

Orlando Pays the Price of America’s Shame

I awakened to the news in America.  I was traveling abroad in Europe during the Orlando tragedy, and while most of my fellow Americans slept in the early morning hours on Sunday, June 12th, dawn had already broken in the Tuscan hills where I, alone, seized by emotions that I had not embraced in years,…

19 Jun 2016

Rest in Peace, Anton Yelchin

The tragic spring of 2016 continues. We have lost names like Prince, Ali, Kimbo Slice, and Ron Lester among others. Today, another actor has passed on way too soon. Anton Yelchin, most noted for playing Chekov in the incredibly successful revival of Star Trek passed away today at the age of 27. TMZ reported his…

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

19 Jun 2016

Google helps kids send videos to dads in prison for Father’s Day

Maya, whose father is on a 25-year sentence in a California prison, was one of the many children who was able to send her incarcerated parent a video thanks to an effort led by Google called #LoveLetters. Created with non-profit organizations Pops the Club and Place4Grace, the campaign helps children reach out to their fathers…

18 Jun 2016

Remembering Ron Lester: More than Varsity

“I give it a.. uh… A TEN! A TEN!” Some may remember him more for the “Puke and rally!” line after not doing so well at a party. Either way, Ron Lester created a very memorable character in the cult classic Varsity Blues. Billy Bob, a massive offensive lineman playing for the fictional West Canaan…

16 Jun 2016

Tip of the Cap for Bernie Sanders

At the end of this month or in early July, Bernie Sanders’ run to the White House will come to an end. His passionate speeches in front of sold-out arenas, the constant reminder that he refuses to accept money from SuperPacs and the majority of his contributions have been the maximum of 27 dollars, and his…

16 Jun 2016

University of Chicago Student Body President Fights Possible Expulsion, Wins

Graduation day is a day college students strive for. With all the hard work, time and effort they put in, to be able to walk across the stage gives one a sense of accomplishment. Whether it be a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD., you know that you’ve accomplished something. Last week, now-former University of Chicago student…


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