go topless day
27 Aug 2016

Whip ‘Em Out for GoTopless Day

If you think it’s unfair that men’s boobs can enjoy the sun and fresh air, but women’s can’t – then you are pro GoTopless Day. It’s an annual event held to support the right of women to let their fun bags out in public on gender-equality grounds. Because should it really be a law to cover…

27 Aug 2016

3 Tips for a Fun Football Season

Just the other evening, I could feel the temperature take a sharp dip. Typically, the average person would not be excited about weather starting to chill. For the sports fanatic, the chill represents the approach of football season. College students will be lining the streets indulging in their favorite beverage before their proud university takes…

women's equality day
26 Aug 2016

National Women’s Equality Day: 15 Inspiring Quotes From Females On 19th Amendment Anniversary

The 19th Amendment passed on August 26th, 1920 granting women in the United State’s the right to vote. The anniversary is now known as National Women’s Equality Day. To celebrate, here are 13 quotes from badass women who made this day – and progress since – possible: 1- “How can we effect change in the world…

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 5.36.18 PM
24 Aug 2016

Couple Wins Free Pizza for a Year, Donates It All to Charity

Winning a year of free pizza is something dreams are made of. And for a young Detroit couple, this dream came true. Hannah Spooner and Pete Kadry won a contest earning them free Little Caesars pizza for an entire year. The prize includes 52 pies in all. But instead of getting naked and rolling around…

kindness is badass shirt
23 Aug 2016

One Badass Shirt

Last Friday did not start out of the ordinary. It was hot. I was running late and rushing to work. Knowing a new shirt had arrived the day before, I threw the package in my bag so I had something decent to wear later. I did not think about the package throughout the day, nor…

20 Aug 2016

Louisiana Flood Relief – HELP!

Hello Kindness Army! My boyfriend and I live in Baton Rouge and are collecting supplies for our neighborhood after the recent and devastating flood. We need your help! Our subdivision took on between 3-4 feet of water, and some homes took on as much as 8 feet. We’re collecting donations and distributing them ourselves as…

16 Aug 2016

Kids Roast Their Father in Hilarious Obituary

Death sucks. But it’s a wonderful gift to find humor in sadness. And the family of William Ziegler did just that. William Ziegler died July 29 at the age of 69, which his family assumes he did “on purpose to avoid having to make a decision in the pending presidential election.” According to The Times-Picayune, Ziegler would…


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