29 Sep 2016

Colorado Will Use Extra Marijuana Revenue to Prevent Bullying in Schools

Light it up, take a puff, pass around kindness – do it for the kids! Smell that? It’s kindness. Thanks to massive amounts of surplus tax revenue, more than $66 million will be distributed to Colorado schools through a grant program for bully prevention. The program provides a coach to teach and council…

Martin Shkreli
28 Sep 2016

Martin Shkreli Raffling Off a Chance to Punch Him in the Face

Remember that Martin Shkreli guy? The former hedge fund manager who got all sorts of attention and hate after making a life-saving drug super unaffordable? Well turns out dude knows to capitalize on all that hate, and is actually doing it for something good. He’s currently auctioning off a chance to punch or slap in…

lawn mowing
25 Sep 2016

College Student Gives Back to Those in Need

Every day, it seems like we see something or someone from today’s youth that makes us question what they’re doing. Whether it be the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, their words or their actions, it’ll be something that’s different than those older than them. And often times it makes us shake our…

19 Sep 2016

California Governor Signs Ban on Orca Breeding and Entertainment

SeaWorld sucks – so I find immense joy in witnessing other people (and government) finally coming to same conclusion. But even more so, I’m thrilled that orcas are finally starting to get some damn respect. California governor Jerry Brown signed a law banning theme parks and other organizations in California from breeding orcas and using them in…

14 Sep 2016

5 Reasons to Thank My Narcissistic Ex-Best Friend

If I could say anything to my narcissistic ex-best friend it would be… “thank you.” Thank you for this last year of friendship, overall, I have learned a lot. Despite the fact we barely spoke or saw one another, the distance has made me gain a different perspective. So, thank you for teaching me these five…

10 Sep 2016

15 Things to Say to Someone Who Is Depressed

It can be difficult to know what to say to someone who is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide. You won’t be able to fix the situation or solve their problem, but sometimes the individual just needs someone to talk to. It can be difficult to get the conversation going or know what to…

disneyland engagement
08 Sep 2016

Two Princes And Their Fairytale Proposal At Disneyland

Holy cuteness! We already know Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but a recent engagement put it over the freakin’ top. Brie Ontiveros captured the moment her two best friends -Armando Anzaldua and Michael Padilla – got engaged, and posted the video on Twitter. As expected, it’s all sorts of adorable, sweet, and full…


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