At the end of this month or in early July, Bernie Sanders’ run to the White House will come to an end. His passionate speeches in front of sold-out arenas, the constant reminder that he refuses to accept money from SuperPacs and the majority of his contributions have been the maximum of 27 dollars, and his battle to become our 45th President will halt. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton has been groomed by the Democratic party for a long time to become president and nothing short of the American people moving to Mars will change that.

No matter who wins the election between Clinton and Trump, the story of this nominating process has to be Bernie Sanders. When he began in 2015, this author had no clue who he was or what he stood for. The only time I really started paying attention was when Larry David began impersonating him on Saturday Night Live. But when he gained massive traction among young voters, I started turning on CNN, which is something I do very little. The pleas to get money out of politics and the power-hungry corporations really struck a chord with me. The entire process has never brought me in; the Paradox of Voting is a real thing. For the first time in awhile, a fiery older man brought the passion out of a majority of people who feel the same way I do.

From 2015 and tiny crowds to 2016, where entire colleges and stadiums sold out, Bernie Sanders represented us. He represented people who had no say in politics, fighting against the corporations that seemingly have unlimited power. After his campaign ends, I hope he continues to be recognized as a pioneer in progressive politics. I tip my cap to Bernie for the incredible run and awareness he brought to people who have given up on politics. Republican, Democrat, or something in between, his meteoric rise from unknown to a contender needs to be recognized by all.

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