This lady makes us all look like a bunch of little bitches. The best part – she’s 101 years old.

Like many awesome people in their golden years, Doris Long occupies her time with charity work … only hers is in the form of rappelling down the sides of skyscrapers to raise money for others.

Her most recent descent was down the side of the 560-feet tall Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, England to raise money for The Rowans hospice in her hometown of Waterlooville. As one might have suspected, she holds the title in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Oldest Abseiler” (abseiling is fancy UK talk for rappelling).

She has plans to repeat the stunt next year to increase the $17,000 she’s raised for charity thus far.

Considering Doris didn’t take up rappelling until she was 85 years old, I cannot imagine how she got her thrills when she was younger – like seriously, I cannot imagine.

To see Doris in action and hear awesome accents narrate her badassery, check out this video.

Kindness is badass, and so is Doris.

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