23 Feb 2016

5 Unintentionally Rude Career Questions

If you read Unintentionally Rude Questions You Should Stop Asking People, you know they were spot on – and people need to be stopped! Sometimes we might mistakenly offend people and not even realize it. People work hard at their careers and are proud of the work they do, so sometimes what can seem like…

22 Feb 2016

Finally a Service That Tells Someone They Smell Bad, So You Don’t Have to

“How do I tell someone they smell bad?” is a question at least some of us have been plagued with. Some people can take being told they’re basically the Pig Pen of the group, others will be mortified, offended or just deeply embarrassed. Some people stink due to hygiene, or their clothes, but sometimes it’s…

15 Feb 2016

Rent-A-Minority: Your Answer to Last Minute Workplace Diversity

Satire for a Purpose… Rent-A-Minority: Your Answer to Last Minute Workplace Diversity A website is using satire to bring attention to a big issue – workplace diversity, or rather… the lack thereof. “Rent-A-Minority is a revolutionary new service designed for those oh-shit moments where you’ve realized your award show, corporate brochure, conference panel is entirely…

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.