25 Jul 2017

Dating: 5 Things You Should Avoid

Dating is a fun way to get to know someone in a different setting. Meeting up privately allows each person to talk freely and be themselves. Dating also allow people to help decide if they wish to form a relationship with the person or walk away and let it go. Whether you’re on your first…

24 Mar 2016

Ask a Matchmaker: How do I Navigate Polyamory?

OkSasha is a matchmaker, love coach, and community builder based in San Francisco.  Need advice? Send your question to Sasha at!   Ok, Sasha… Do you have any advice for a monogamous person entering a relationship with a polyamorous partner and vice versa? Must one ‘convert’ to monogamy or polyamory to make it work? PolyorNot…

26 Feb 2016

Bernie Singles: Because the 1% Aren’t the Only Ones Getting Screwed This Election Season

Those looking to Bernie for affordable healthcare and government programs will be happy to know they can also look to him for love. Yes, that’s right – Bernie is for lovers. While there’s a dating site for just about everyone: Jewish, Christians, Farmers, Bros, etc… it makes sense to have one for folks looking to redistribute wealth.…