25 Nov 2016

86-Year-Old Man Teaches Himself to Knit So He Can Make Hats for Premature Babies

It’s never too late to learn something new, and it sure as hell is never too late to do something nice for someone else. 86-year-old Ed Moseley is proof of that. When his care home announced plans to knit little hats for premature babies, Ed Moseley knew that was something he wanted to get in…

19 Oct 2016

Babies in Scotland will Receive “Starter Kits”

Starting next year all babies born in Scotland will receive a cardboard box full of essential items for newborn’s… “baby start kits” if you will. A similar service has been happening in Finland for more than 75 years, and is credited with curbing the infant death rate. The baby starter kits, which are given to expectant…

18 Oct 2016

Woman Donated 2,000 Ounces of Breast Milk After Tragic Stillbirth

When Wendy Cruz-Chan’s son Kilian was stillborn, she turned tragedy into home by using her breast milk to feed six babies. Read her Facebook post here: Breast milk donation is extremely important, especially for premature babies. To learn more about breastmilk donation: National Milk Bank Milk For Wishes Human Milk Banking  

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

15 Jan 2016

Breastfeeding Cop Saves Life of Abandoned Infant

It turns out that a great first line of defense when an abandoned infant is discovered is a breastfeeding cop. “If there was a problem, yo, I’d solve it” may have been the lyrics from Vanilla Ice, but I’m pretty sure it’s police officer – and new mother- Luisa Fernanda