We live in a world that is crying for help.  Lightworkers, or natural healers, were put on this “new earth” to bring positive energy, light, and to help others awaken.  In a world full of darkness and pain, lightworkers are absolutely necessary for the good of the world to shine through.  Some may be skeptical of the term “lightworker,” associating it with a New Age fad; however, it’s quite a simple concept that makes perfect sense, whether you are spiritual or not.  Lightworkers are here to help and heal; to be of service to a broken world.  Lightworkers are here to try and put the pieces back together and create an even brighter earth.

So, how do you know if you’re a lightworker?

These are just a few common ways to know you’re put on this earth to serve, love, and let your light shine:

1. You have a deep purpose others don’t know about

You may not even know what it is, but you have a feeling you’re meant for something bigger.  Lightworkers often feel extremely anxious and discontent in the typical 9-5.  I used to spend my time blogging, connecting, and creating when I sat in an office in front of a computer.  I knew my purpose wasn’t to make money for someone else or be just another number at a corporation.  “Jobs” are usually soul crushing to true lightworkers.

2. You identify with heroic characters

Even if you’re an adult, you relate to superheroes and those who have overcome challenges.  Perhaps you have always fought for the underdog.  Instead of looking to peers and society for guidance, lightworkers typically have a prominent role model in their life- usually someone they don’t even know.  Lightworkers know they’re not the norm, so they seek out people who have special powers, abilities, or desires similar to their own.

3. You are sensitive to energy

Lightworkers pick up energy- good or bad- around them.  It’s common for lightworkers to avoid group activities or events with a lot of people.  This is especially apparent during the holiday season- family gatherings and holiday pressures can be very stressful.  Empaths also are sensitive to violence on television, drama, and negative energies.  Since lightworkers are so sensitive to the world around them, they are prone to addictions to numb these uncomfortable feelings.  However, there is hope!  Once they truly understand their power and gifts, they turn to their spirituality instead of a drink, drug, shopping spree, or food.  Overcoming addiction is a huge benefit to lightworkers, as they can share their experience and give others hope.

4. You have a natural understanding of spiritual concepts and higher knowledge

You’ve always connected with something bigger than yourself, and have no problem believing in angels, spirits, or fairies.  Whatever you believe, you know that you are a spirit living a human experience.  You don’t take earthy problems too seriously because you know you’re here for a limited amount of time, to fulfill a specific purpose of bringing more light to the world.  You’re able to see past the drama of the world and connect with what truly matters- source and living out the highest good for all.

5. You love people, but can’t stand them at the same time

You unconditionally love them, but can’t stand the blockages of society that prevent them from embodying the people they could be.  This world is full of addiction, crime, lies, greed, abuse, and pain- yet you see the truth behind these barriers.  For me, I stopped caring about money, possessions, and power I still have a hard time seeing past these buffers that block people from finding happiness within their soul, not the outside world.  It’s all an illusion, anyway- we won’t leave the world with the money in our bank account or the clothes on our back.  There is something bigger, and you wish to share this message with those stuck in worldly concerns.

6. You have panic attacks

I’ve lived with my anxiety my entire life- even when I have nothing to be anxious about.  Good news!  It’s likely these feelings are not yours.  Empaths and intuitives pick up energies of the world around them, which can be confusing, scary, and uncomfortable.  Instead of holding that anxiety, understand that it’s your intuition letting you know something isn’t right, you need to go in a different direction, or perhaps you even have an important message to share.  Listen to your heart.

7. You have a psychic sense

Do you see events before they occur and feel guided in certain directions?  This can also be recognized through your intuition.  You may make major life decisions based on a feeling, have dreams that come true, or predict the future.  Although you may not be able to pin-point details about these thoughts or visions, you know they’re too strong and too real to ignore.  Be sure to keep a journal, listen to your heart, and have confidence in your thoughts.  It is the divine trying to tell you something.

There are many types of lightworkers, from mediums to messengers.  I love this article describing 9 different types of lightworkers as well as this video from one of my favorite spiritual guides, Melanie Beckler.

Enjoy, and keep your light shining bright!

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Kristin Fehrman

Kristin Fehrman

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