Originally made for ’17, these resolutions are so good they deserve a repeat for ’18.

Instead of making some giant resolution that you’re never going to keep, accept yourself for the slightly less than perfect human you are and just make minor adjustments.

Here are 17 resolutions for 2017 that you can actually keep. Bonus: they may make you a better person and even benefit others.

  1. Plan a vacation

  2. Get a hobby

  3. Start meditating

  4. Do one random act of kindness a day

  5. Practice gratitude

  6. Go for one walk a week

  7. Volunteer regularly

  8. Make time for yourself and learn to say “NO”

  9. Call your family

  10. Practice self acceptance

  11. Read a book a month

  12. Give a compliment to a stranger every day

  13. Be more open with your feelings

  14. Eat veggies with every meal

  15. Wear sunscreen every day

  16. Look into things before repeating or sharing

  17. Love yourself and others

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Kinda Kind

Kinda Kind

It’s become my mission to show the world that not only is kindness fun and easy to do, but also that small actions can have giant impacts. That’s why I started Kinda Kind. I’m glad that your path has led you here and I’m glad we’re on the journey together to make kindness badass.