On various afternoons throughout the month of March, those in the Castro may have noticed swarms of teenage girls waiting outside of the building on 2099 Market. Or you may have just noticed all the multi-colored post-it notes on the building’s large windows.

What you saw was the SF Princess Project’s dress pick-up location. The Princess Project is an organization
that collects and provides high-school teens, who couldn’t otherwise afford to go to their prom, with a free dress. And each of those post-it notes contained a thank you from a dress recipient.


The Princess Project began in 2002 when founders Laney Whitcanack and Kristi Smith Knutson responded to the request of a young girl who needed a dress for prom. They reached out to their friends and family and within days, women from all over the Bay Area offered their support. Since then, The Princess Project has grown exponentially and has served more than 20,000 teens.


As a result of dating a boy one year older and and failing to express just how deeply I wanted to attend my senior prom, I didn’t make it. While my reason for missing prom is different than that addressed by this organization, I can still tell you that missing it sucks. No girl should be denied the opportunity to feel beautiful at their prom – and thanks to The Princess Project, inability to afford a dress isn’t a problem.

Do you have any fancy dresses or accessories that you don’t wear? Why not let the spirit of those pretty items live on and donate them so another awesome female can rock it.


Dress Donations

If you’re interested in donating a dress and/or accessories, note that they should be:

  • Prom dresses, formal gowns, fancy party dresses, jewelry or shoes
  • New or nearly new in excellent condition
  • Bought in the last 5 years
  • Cleaned and on hangers

You can drop off your dresses and accessories year round at any of the following Bay Area locations:

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center 
1553 Sloat Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132

Weddington Way
560 Sutter Street, #200
San Francisco, CA 94102

3251 LakeShore Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610

Daryl Weinroth Attorney at Law
750 Grant Avenue, Ste 250
Novato, CA 94945

If you don’t have a dress or accessories but still want to support, stop by Bi-Rite’s Divisadero scoop shop throughout the month of March and make a donation or submit online.

A lack of funds shouldn’t keep a girl from her prom. Dating an older boy also shouldn’t keep her, but that’s a different issue.

Visit their website to learn more about The Princess Project.





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