A couple weeks ago I posted about an experience I had. While driving to grab lunch, I had to pass over multiple train tracks. At least three that were parallel to each other, and they weren’t in good condition. While waiting to cross, I witness a construction working helping a disabled man in a wheel chair over these very bumpy tracks. I didn’t see any other construction vehicles until I passed him and made it down the street. He had walked at least 1/2 mile to help this gentleman and it was amazing to see.

Shortly after lunch I decided to grab an ice cream cone from the chick-fil-a that was on my way back to work. The drive through was insanely long so I decided to head inside. It was equally as busy, but I decided to wait. It had been 90 degrees for two weeks and my mind was set, I wanted that ice cream. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, I walked up and orderd my small ice cream cone. The girl typed a few things into the computer and said “you waited a long time for just an ice cream cone, it’s on the house!”

Both of these things were such small acts of kindness but it reminded me that in a world that seems really dark at times, there are really good people out there.

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