Hello Kindness Army!

My boyfriend and I live in Baton Rouge and are collecting supplies for our neighborhood after the recent and devastating flood. We need your help! Our subdivision took on between 3-4 feet of water, and some homes took on as much as 8 feet. We’re collecting donations and distributing them ourselves as local aid organizations have been overwhelmed with processing and dispersing donations and funds. It’s been 6 days and we have yet to see any organized help other than that which we have organized ourselves. Many are in need and still in shelters, but for those of us who can return, we must begin clean up immediately or we risk losing everything to mold and water damage.

Friends and family from the west coast tell me that they’ve seen little coverage about the flood on national media outlets. One friend told me that all she had heard about it until recently was what I was posting to Facebook. In a press conference the other day, local and federal officials acknowledged that we haven’t gotten more support from the rest of the country because the flood isn’t being covered in a national level, and the New York Times recently issued an apology for its lack of coverage so far.

My boyfriend and I just moved to Baton Rouge from Seattle in July. We took a 7 week road trip to get here and arrived in Baton Rouge the day that Alton Sterling was killed. Our town is suffering, was suffering, and we are in desperate need of your help. Large aid organizations are doing the important work of trying to meet immediate needs for displaced people, but this disaster was widespread and catastrophic. So many need help now, and cannot wait for it to arrive.

I made an Amazon Wish List for cleaning supplies that we are distributing to our neighborhood and beyond (the link is attached), and here’s a link to call for help on Facebook, if you don’t mind sharing: https://www.facebook.com/ali.luis.7/posts/10105419801521208

Thank you so much for caring! I’m wearing my Kindness is Badass shirt as I type this! 💖

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