Not a day goes by that I don’t read an article about how technology ruins people. We have become so addicted to our “stuff” that some of us have lost hold on reality. To a certain extent, that statement has some truth. Students walk down the halls of schools in that classic “neck down” position, texting their friends, checking Facebook, Twitter, or diving into whatever new social media emerges. People do need to take time to put their “stuff” down and appreciate nature, play sports, and be active.

However, we all work hard for a reason. Whether it’s to pay bills, support our family, or go on that vacation that’s been in the plans for a decade, money comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Unless you are in the super rich category, buying things that make us happy is challenging. But denying that certain items don’t bring us joy is just that, denial. I am a huge dork at heart, playing PC and PS4 games almost on a daily basis. A couple years ago, my computer could no longer handle the rigors of modern-day games. I decided to pick up a new gaming PC, incurring the debt of 70 or so a month for a year. Today, I am able to play newer games which bring me a TON of joy and help me forget about challenges I had at work, even if it is for an hour or so.


Another example of “stuff” that has made me happy is the new car I decided to lease a couple years ago. Prior to this, I drove around in a car that got me from A to B with no frills. Taking time to budget and see if the car was affordable, I made the plunge. Now, I have a machine that lets me play my music from my phone, has newer safety features, power windows (which I didn’t have in my old cars lol), and other things that the old Corolla and Sable didn’t.

How about in the world of sports? I used to clunk around in running shoes that made me feel I was dragging a couple of anvils. Today, shoes come in many different features (heel strikers, flat footers, etc.), cool colors, fun designs, you name it. Who cares if you buy a pair or two that make you happy and let you show off to others. If it brings YOU joy, buy it!

I am not the only one that gets joy from consumerism. I just wish that the stigma of buying “stuff” wasn’t so harsh. If you have money on the side from the hard work put in at your job, live a little. Time goes so fast, I laugh thinking that I graduated from college over a decade ago. Life’s too short to not enjoy yourself and the money you earn.

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