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In London, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri announced the brand’s pledge to go fur-free beginning with the Spring 2018 collection. According to a statement, the brand will no longer “use, promote, or publicize animal fur” in its collections. Gucci will also join the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of 40 animal protection organizations working together to end the exploitation and killing of animals for fur.

The fashion brand has a long history of heavily using fur in its collecting – a few pieces including the obnoxious kangaroo-fur slippers or its astrakhan coats. The decision was made partly by the brand’s parent company, Kering, which has been on a road to sustainability for the past decade. Part of that includes Kering investing in sustainable and synthetic leathers, as well as promoting humanitarian efforts. Cannot wait to get my hands on some of their vegan leather…

In banning fur from its collections, Gucci joins the ranks of other massive brands that have made the shift, including Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren. Earlier this year, Yoox Net-a-Porter announced that it was banning fur as per the Fur Free Alliance’s standards, which allow for the use of shearling. Leading the sustainable pack is Gucci’s fellow Kering-owned label, Stella McCartney. McCartney is a vegetarian and has insisted on using fur-free products since her brand’s inception.

I am thrilled by this news – this is the beginning of a massive change, I can feel it. Because remember, fashion shouldn’t kill. 

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