Dads in India are taking selfies with their daughters to take a stand against female infanticide. Selfies for Justice!

Every year in India, several thousands of baby girls are aborted or abandoned at birth – either by families who already have one daughter, or those who cannot afford a large family and see a greater ROI in a son. Scientists estimate that up to 6 million girls have been aborted in India over the past couple of decades, leaving the country with 7.1 million fewer girls than boys. In 2013, the United Nations came out with a report arguing that India was the most dangerous place to be born a girl in the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned to social media and created a badass plan: have fathers across the nation take selfies with their daughters and share on the internet for the world to see. Modi helps the #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao (Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter) campaign will slow the epidemic and raise awareness of the value of daughters.

The campaign is collecting tons of adorable father-daughter selfies. Check out #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao and #SelfiesWithDaughter on twitter and instagram for some heartwarming photos.

This is also a big win for selfies, since typically they serve no purpose other than being annoying.


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