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Things are heating up in the south, and it’s not just the spring temperatures! Meet Kailey and Kaygan Tissue, two self-made sisters in Houston, Texas. I was first introduced to the KISSUE sisters in 2014 while fashion blogging away in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had the opportunity to collaborate with these upbeat and talented sisters, selecting a few pieces to feature on my blog. It was a blast shopping their website of chic and stylish tops, dresses (how cute is this one?!) and accessories; but most of all, it was a blast working with them! It’s always a breath of fresh air to meet such eager, fun and down-to-earth women in fashion- not to mention, sisters! I caught up with Kailey and Kaygan to see what they’ve been up to these past two years, what inspires them and how they’re helping the community.
Throwback to my KISSUE collab- love the Chad Sweater!

Throwback to my KISSUE collaboration- love this cropped sweater!


Where does your inspiration come from?

Our inspiration comes from modern art and architecture and high end fashion designers. We love modern architecture and androgynous, modern fashion. Typically, we gravitate towards neutral colors, sharp, crisp lines and bold designs!

How do you select pieces for KISSUE? 

We are very selective when picking pieces for our store. We look for items that represent our brand, but also appeal to the mass customer. We will one day design and manufacture our own line, so when we currently choose pieces to put in our store, we keep in mind the aesthetic and feel of what our line will one day represent.

Loved all of the pieces from my collaboration!

 National Charity League

Do you have any involvement with charities or philanthropy?

We are involved with the National Charity League in Houston, and we have dressed the members for their fashion shows in different KISSUE pieces. As our business expands, we hope to be able to get more involved with different charities and be able to give back and help our community!


It’s so awesome that you created the opportunity to start a business together. What is it like working with family? 

We love working with family! Having your sister as your business partner is very reassuring and comforting because you know you both have the business’s best interest at heart. We trust each other completely with all the decisions that have to made with running our business. We both have the same vision for what we want KISSUE to become, and we both know we can always count on each other for support and guidance as we continue to grow our business.
It’s not just us who are involved with KISSUE… it really is a whole family affair! Our parents have been there with us every step of the way, guiding us and mentoring us. Having their support and help throughout this process gives us so much confidence and strength to keep reaching for our goals. And of course we have to mention the support we get from our husband and boyfriend, who somehow manage to keep us sane in the really stressful and crazy times that come with owning and running a business!
KISSUE Sisters Kailey and Kaygan

What’s new since our collaboration in 2014?

A lot has been happening since we last collaborated together! 2015 was a big year for us, as we opened our first retail location in Memorial City Mall in Houston, Texas! It was a temporary location where we were able to test the market and put out our feelers as to what customers want and react to from a brick and mortar. We learned so much from that experience, and we are extremely excited to announce that we KISSUE‘s new, permanent store location will be opening this summer in Rice Village! We are so excited about this opportunity, and we know that Rice Village will be the perfect location for KISSUE to establish itself and continue to grow.
Coming soon to Rice Village!

Coming soon to Rice Village!

Thanks to Kailey and Kaygan for chatting with me! Can’t wait to see what these women have in store for 2016.
Shop their collection at kissuetx.com and find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
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