2009 seems so long ago. I was plugging along through a monotonous job and returning to school to switch my life plan. The Detroit Red Wings and Pistons were regularly competing for championships. Twitter was entering year three of a meteoric rise to owning our social lives. Most importantly, Barack Obama defeated John McCain to become the 44th President of the United States.

President Obama represented a change from the status quo of past presidents. First, he broke down a giant wall of past presidents who shared one skin color and gave doubt that anyone not male and white would win the Office. Second, he promoted a campaign of hope; it was okay to believe that the country could unite and prosper, a feeling that all but vaporized in the past decades. Finally, he brought a calm composure to the office and spoke with an elegance that dignified the position.

Apparently, he did something right along the way and earned a second term in 2013, defeating governor Mitt Romney. Throughout his eight years in office, the list of things that have transpired could fill your office wall. Just a few of the bigger occurrences from 2009-2017 include the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), the capture of Osama Bin Laden, bringing more rights to same-sex couples, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Fort Hood. The President has had to do battle with people constantly opposing his ideas and deliver the nearly identical response to the steady flow of mass shootings that took place in his term.

President Obama dealt with a lifetime of issues in eight years. Republicans presented themselves at every possible opportunity to strike down his plans. Tragedies that we think will never happen in our country happened in spades. If you watched Obama develop throughout the years, you could see the incredible strain the job had on him. Through it all, he handled the office with a grace that defies logic. He could have broken down at any moment and snapped back at his opposition. During his farewell address in Chicago, he took time to shake hands and hug hundreds of supporters that made their way to see him. Michelle Obama spoke to our hearts and urged us that we can truly love our neighbors and make each other better. Whether or not you agreed with his policies is one thing. Some benefited from his time in office while others did not; however, no one can deny that the White House is losing a man with endless class and decency. Watching the disgusting 2016 presidential campaigns caused me to lose faith that the office is a higher standard. Obama showed us that no matter what is happening in the world, we could look to a leader that embodied class.

(Thanks to Wikipedia for general information about President Obama.)


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