Well, he never came out and said those exact words. Sadly, it sure as hell seems that way. Getting lost in the great “covfefe” Twitter snafu of 2017 (if you have no idea what I mean, google the “word”), Donald Trump has began the long process of pulling the United States out of the Paris Accord. (edit, as of this upload, the USA is indeed leaving the agreement)

For those of you who may be against science, stop reading right now as this will be bad for your well-being. The Paris Agreement (Paris Accord) is a voluntary understanding between willing nations to put forth a comprehensive effort to reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases from being forced into the atmosphere, causing global warming and other detrimental factors from affecting Earth. Ultimately, the 195 countries that have signed on to the agreement believe in an overall effort to protect the world and provide safe living conditions for future generations.

To no one’s surprise, the United States under Obama (someone who actually gave a shit about the environment) signed on to the agreement on April 22, 2016. With a staggering percentage goal of 17.89% reduction in those damaging greenhouse gases, the United States appeared to be embracing the concept of science and climate change. Enter Trump, who considers the whole thing a hoax and has proposed de-funding other “green” efforts, including the Great Lakes cleanup (something close to home for me).

As I type this out, I find myself struggling to keep my head still from shaking back and forth in sheer confusion. From what we know about the dangers of these gases from hundreds upon hundreds of scientists and agencies, how can this country withdraw from efforts to clean up the world? I can only come up with two simple conclusions:

  • Trump truly believes that science is not real and climate change is a hoax.
  • Big business is all that matters. Allowing corporations to continue to bypass clean-air efforts in order to maintain profits is the key goal here.

Maybe one of these conclusions is true, but I tend to lean towards both.

In 2017, how can one of the world’s great powers turn its back on the future? Every country with a vowel in their name understands the importance of keeping the world safe. I can only apologize in advance to the future children that have to deal with our mess.

(Thanks to Wikipedia for information on the Paris Accord)

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