I’m seeing all these December and Holiday kindness calendars where there’s a thing for each day – that’s exhausting! We’re busy people so it’s doubtful anyone will actually do it. Also, screw having anyone tell you exactly how to be kind – do it your way!

So this December, I’m giving weekly missions so you can do December & holiday kindness, your way.

Week 1: Give three genuine compliments (not just to people you wanna hookup with).


Who’d you compliment? What happened? Share your story in the comments section below.


Week 2: Surprise a stranger with a gift (this can be even be something small).

Who’s got some good gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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Kinda Kind

Kinda Kind

It’s become my mission to show the world that not only is kindness fun and easy to do, but also that small actions can have giant impacts. That’s why I started Kinda Kind. I’m glad that your path has led you here and I’m glad we’re on the journey together to make kindness badass.