25 Sep 2016

College Student Gives Back to Those in Need

Every day, it seems like we see something or someone from today’s youth that makes us question what they’re doing. Whether it be the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, their words or their actions, it’ll be something that’s different than those older than them. And often times it makes us shake our…

11 Apr 2016

Recycle Your Tights to Reduce Your Fashion Carbon Footprint

Earth Day is approaching, so why not save the planet in style? I recently learned about an awesome program through No nonsense, who offer a stylish array of tights, leggings and socks. Their one-of-a-kind program is perfect to help women across the globe reduce their ‘fashion carbon footprint’ by recycling their tights and pantyhose! If there’s one style I can’t…

03 Apr 2016

There Could Be A Cure for HIV Within Three Years!

This weekend I discovered some very good news- there is an HIV cure in the works! According to researchers at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, big strides have been made to eliminate the disease. From The Independent: “After years of research, the team from Temple University in Pennsylvania used their technique to eliminate the virus…

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

01 Apr 2016

Being Kind to Yourself- Why “Should” is a Dirty Word

There isn’t a morning I don’t wake up, open my laptop, check my phone or read a headline stating what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing, wearing, thinking or saying. First off, “should” is a dirty word. I hate that word almost as much as I dislike the word “hate.” 😉 That brings me to an…

30 Mar 2016

Healing and Bright: The Inspiration Behind Rik Parker’s Jewelry Collection

It’s not every day you meet an inspiring person who is doing what they love with a purpose. One of those special people is a New York jewelry designer based in beautiful Battery Park City. On a December evening back in 2013 I received a tweet from a NYC denim designer named Rik. He had followed my…

14 Mar 2016

Spring Forward: Reset More than Just Your Clock

Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and there’s a warm breeze in the air… at last, Spring has returned! Spring has always been a time for rebirth and new awakenings; it’s a time for a clean slate and to prepare for the next phase. While we reset our clocks for Daylight Saving Time this past weekend, Spring is also a wonderful time for…

12 Mar 2016

Fun Facebook Personality Test

Learn how to be a little kinder and patient with the loved ones around you, merely by understanding strengths and weaknesses a little better! Just stumbled on this Facebook personality test, good stuff! Would be interested to see your results, too! XO, KNF