Sometimes you gotta be kind to yourself, first. Use these quick and inexpensive beauty tricks to look and feel like a million bucks, but for only cents on the dollar.º

Refresh Makeup – Don’t Redo

If only we always had tons of time to re-do our makeup when a fun event came up. If you’re like me, you’re likely figuring out a way to fit a wardrobe change into your schedule – let alone makeup!

One quick fix for an end of day face is to blot your face with oil absorbing sheets or lightly mist with toner, pat with a tissue, then dust with a loose powder for a finished look. Here are more tricks for refreshing your makeup (vs re-doing), that are priceless and save an incredible amount of time.

It’s All in the Eyes – Big Effect for Little Prep

Need to jazz up your look but only have a minute? Go for the eyes! It’s a quick fix that elevates your whole look.

Here you can learn secrets from stylists on how they ‘hack’ the cat-eye.

Quick Fixes for Greasy Hair

Oh no, awesome plans were just presented to you, but you don’t have time to shower and you feel like a total dirt ball? I’ve been there!

This article outlines are tips on quickly revamping that hair that’s looking less than clean and voluminous.

My quick fix for greasy hair is Dry Shampoo , it works wonders!

You’ll still be a dirt-ball, but it will be your disgusting little secret.

Don’t Mask Your Face with Makeup – Instead, Use Face Masks for Prevention

Whether your skin is dry due to winter, dull or breaking out due to stress, it’s all a huge drag. And while a spa treatment is always nice, those babies add up quickly!

Save the money and make your own! Here you’ll find five, effective ways to prep your skin at home.

Centuries Later, Vaseline is Still Bomb

Petroleum jelly, the oil-based beauty staple, was discovered in Pennsylvania oil wells in 1859. While it was originally used as a go-to healer for cuts and burns, the list of uses grew exponentially since the stuff is so useful…and cheap!

Here you will learn about nine surprising beauty uses. One of my favorites is applying around your nails before painting, so any mistakes are easily wiped away, resulting in a manicure that is perfect, and quick!

Baby Your Brushes

A good makeup brush makes a big difference in the final results, and a good brush should last a lifetime. The trick to not having to regularly shell out money to replace brushes is taking good care of them.

Don’t let them sit too long caked in makeup and wash them regularly. Here you can learn about methods to wash them and additional tips for brush care.

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