29 Feb 2016

This Toddler’s Take on Playing with Rescued Puppy Is Too Adorable for Words

Who doesn’t believe that a home with a toddler AND a puppy will be a lot of fun? But when this couple rescued a puppy from an out-of-state animal kill shelter that is literally located on the landfill where they dispose of euthanized dogs, the reward they got was more than they expected. Pup and tyke have…

25 Feb 2016

Starbucks Hires Boy With Autism, Told He Would Never Be Able to Work. Here’s What Happened.

With over 6 million views on YouTube, this star “dancing barista” was previously discouraged from ever having a job. Ellen recently interviewed Sam along with Chris Alley, the manager who gave him the opportunity to shine, on her show. Of course, this turned into a life-changing, touching event for all:

23 Feb 2016

What Would You Do?: American Soldier Defends Muslim Worker

You see another person being bullied in public. How do you react? In this heartwarming clip from ABC’s “What Would You Do?”, a cafe patron throws inflammatory remarks at a Muslim-American deli worker to challenge restaurant patrons. When he tests an American soldier, the results are… beautiful. We salute you, soldier. A true American hero.

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

20 Jan 2016

Need to Change Your Facebook Filters?: How to Handle the “Down” Side of Social Media

A few years ago, while tucked in at a coffee shop downtown Chicago, a news crew surprised me with the opportunity to become the focus of an “on-the-street” interview. The story was on “The Facebook Blues,” since a study had come out saying that Facebook was making users depressed, and the question of the day was: Do…

10 Jan 2016

Woman Finds Black Widow Spider in Grapes She Bought for Her Toddler

Giving grapes to your two year old shouldn’t be a potentially deadly undertaking. But when my sister, Laura Wilson, went to prepare her daughter’s snack, she was greeted with a startling surprise. “I opened the top of the bag and almost immediately noticed movement inside. I shrieked and dropped the bag in the sink, finding a large…