If you need photographic evidence that wine makes people happy, we have it – and it’s thanks to photographer Marcos Alberti. In his wine project, he gathered people from all walks of life, gave them glasses of wine and photographed the people after one, two, and three glasses.

On his website, he says, “the first picture was taken right away when our guests have just arrived at the studio in order to capture the stress and the fatigue after a full day.” Then, “at the end of every glass of wine a snapshot, nothing fancy, a face and a wall, 3 times.”

As any wine drinker might suspect, the subjects get a little more relaxed and silly with each glass consumed.


After one glass, cardigan’s off and she’s ready to party…


That third glass made a big difference.


Hair up means, “I’m drunk”


One glass to smile, two glasses to lose the flannel, three glasses to…


‘sultry’ to ‘silly’ in just one glass


gradual progression from mug shot to glamour shot


she handles her booze well


I’m impressed her bow stayed on after three glasses. I’m lucky if I have both earrings.


three drinks to get the party started


My spidey senses tell me this dude was high when he arrived.


hair on point the whole time.


he’s the friend who always loses shit when drunk


she either belched or said something vulgar… hopefully it was a combo of the two


This guy should probably always have at least one glass of wine in him


she was pissed they didn’t hand her a drink before taking the first picture


It would probably take 8 glasses to get him to do anything real crazy


her “I came to party” shirt


kept his hat and glasses. i’m impressed.

To see all the images, visit the Wine Project on Marco’s website.

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