New emojis are coming! And they include gender-neutral folks, more animals, more food, some new clothes, self care stuff and some mystical creatures.

Every year, the Unicode Consortium, the organization that handles new emoji proposals, approves a new class of smileys and symbols that tech companies like Apple, Twitter, Samsung, and Facebook often bring to their platforms. Last November, the group accepted 56 new emoji — and some of those additions are finally slated to show up on your iPhone.Apple gave BuzzFeed News an exclusive look at its latest set of iOS emoji, which includes an androgynous person, a male fairy, a takeout box, a "shh" smiley, "I love you" in American Sign Language, a bevy of mystical creatures, and an orange heart, which completes that emoji's full rainbow of colors. These new emojis will be rolling out globally on Monday, Oct. 9, as a part of the second public beta of iOS 11.1. Based on earlier releases of iOS, users should expect the emojis in the official version of iOS 11.1 at the end of October or early November. They join an earlier set announced in July, which includes the breastfeeding woman, woman with headscarf, and vomiting emojis. They're the latest crop of Apple's hyper-realistic emojis, which were introduced in iOS 10 last year. (Google also redesigned emojis for Android users, and unveiled the new icons in September.)If you're interested in trying out Apple's latest software updates before their wide release, you can sign up for the company's beta program — but beware, you may encounter some bugs and you should definitely back up your device before you do.
Exciting times, you guys! Apple has just shared previews for a new set of emoji coming later this month. The update will include gender neutral characters spanning age ranges from kids to elders. All three gender neutral emojis will obviously be available in multiple skin tones — because, why would they take a step backwards?

Other new additions include a male fairy, “I love you” in American Sign Language, and an orange heart – meaning we can FINALLY create a full rainbow of hearts, ROYGBIV, my friends. There are also new food, clothing, and animal options.

The new emojis will be available Monday, October 9, as a part of the second public beta of iOS 11.1. They join an earlier set announced in July, which include Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person and Breastfeeding.

If you’re interested in trying out Apple’s latest software updates before their wide release, you can sign up for the company’s beta program — but beware, you may encounter some bugs and you should definitely back up your device before you do.

Gender-neutral adult

Gender-neutral kid

Gender-neutral senior“I love you” in American Sign Language

Shhhh smiley

Monocle smiley

Steam room



Expletives face

Grinning face with crazy eyes












Baseball cap





Rock climbing


What do you hope comes out next time?

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