Black Friday is a shit show. That which started as a day of discounts and deals for savvy shoppers for the day after Thanksgiving, has semi-slowly been creeping its way into Thanksgiving Day itself. With Black Friday sales starting earlier and earlier – some starting as early as Thanksgiving Day morning – more retail employees are forced to forgo dinner with the fam to instead stock and slang whatever clothes, toys, electronics, etc. they rep, to consumers looking to save a few bucks. But rather than try to compete with and contribute to the the continuation of BF deals starting on Thursday, some companies have decided to opt out and remain closed on the holiday.

So, let’s hear it for the corporations who are choosing to treat their employees right this Thanksgiving:



Your sports and outdoorsy gear will have to wait because REI will not be open for Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. This is the only store in this list that’s also closed on Black Friday, but this is great since now all their employees can go hiking with their family on Thanksgiving – I feel like that’s something they’d do. Because the sporting goods retailer says that they “believe that being outside makes our lives better,” their CEO is “paying our employees to head outside.”




Your shoe shopping will have to wait until 7 a.m. on Black Friday. And let’s face it, who wants to actually wear shoes and walk (or move) after eating Thanksgiving dinner.



Everyone loves Costco

You better get your 100 rolls of toilet paper and gallon size containers of cranberries before Thanksgiving, because everyone’s favorite warehouse will be closed that day. A rep told ThinkProgress, “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families.” Don’t forget to stock up on your tums and pepto bismol before Thanksgiving.



The stores are always super cluttered, which seems stressful. Fortunately, employees will have to just rely on their families for stress on Thanksgiving.



Get your weird statues, glittery miniskirts and artisanal sauces before Thanksgiving, or wait ’til 7 am on Friday.



Nope. Not on Thanksgiving

Marshalls, like T.J. Maxx, is owned by TJX so it will also be closed.



Wtf is a Dillard’s? But regardless, a Dillard’s spokesperson told ThinkProgress, “We choose to remain closed on Thanksgiving in longstanding tradition of honoring of our customers’ and associates’ time with family.”



You’ll be a procrastinating fool if you try to wait until the big day to get supplies to make your Pinterest inspired table decoration that you’re gonna screw up anyways.



While the stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving, some employees will be coming into work to prep for the following day’s sales – so they’re only getting a halfway cool pass. A spokesperson told ThinkProgress, “For the past 40+ years, some of our employees work on Thanksgiving eve and into the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving Day to decorate our stores with our holiday trim. This is mostly a group of employees who have volunteered to be there and some bring along relatives or friends to join in. “While also adding that they will have a small team working in the call centers on Thanksgiving.



I know what a bj is, but I don’t think this is the same thing – but if it is, good, I’m glad the workers are getting a day off. In regards to staying closed on Thanksgiving, Laura Sen, the CEO of BJ’s Wholesale Club told HuffPost, “Maybe call me old-fashioned, but I feel that it’s an easy decision to make.”



If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, you better get your $4,000 C&B table the day before.



Their decision to remain closed on Thanksgiving helps me work past the whole fur controversy from the 90s.



You’ll have to wait until Friday to get your creepy pricy dolls that eerily resemble tiny humans.



Honestly, why the fuck would you go to Staples on Thanksgiving anyways?! But, good – I’m glad they’re closed.



You know that weird tapestry you wanna buy so your friends think you went to India? Well that’s not gonna happen on Thanksgiving.



Those familiar with this grocery store tend to love it. You know what it loves? It’s employees, Thanksgiving, and probably ‘Merica and riffles, since it is predominately in the South.



If you’re looking to head to The Home Depot to buy some Thanksgiving Day screws, lights, a ceiling fan and a hot dog, you’ll be out of luck.



Same as Home Depot. It’s great they’re closed since it decreases likelyhood that you’ll end up rushing to emergency room for something other than your broiled turkey exploding.



Seriously, no clue what this store is. But if you do, you should know it’s gonna be closed.



The mega bookstore will be closed. So you’ll have to read things you’re gonna pretend you have intentions of purchasing some other time.



Photo from HuffPost

Since Costco is closed, don’t plan on heading over to Sam’s Club on Thanksgiving to get your 250 rolls of toilet paper, jeans and Kenny G CD.



This act of corporate kindness will result in at least one less day of people purchasing and wearing some of these ridiculous looking fleece things. I get it, they’re really warm.



Sorry folks, you’re gonna have to interact with your family this holiday… and not your SIMS family.


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