All dogs are awesome. But if you have the opportunity to get a dog and save a life … take it! Mixed breeds, lovingly known as mutts, are amazing for so many reasons.

Here’s 11 reasons why they totally kick major ass.

1- You’re Saving a Life

These two mutts are my nephews. Calvin on the left, Jackson on the right

About 75% of dogs that show up at rescues and shelters are mixed breeds. Even if you aren’t adopting from a kill shelter, you’re still freeing up a space for another homeless dog who can come in instead of being shipped to a kill shelter, end up becoming road pizza or starving to death.

2- You’re helping to give puppy mills the middle finger

When you adopt a mutt, you’re doing something to counteract the terrible puppy mill epidemic.

3- Mutts are often healthier than purebreds

Studies in Europe and North America found that mixed breed dogs are less prone to disease and have a longer lifespan than the average purebred dog. This is partly due to the theory of hybrid vigor, which claims that as a group, dogs of varied ancestry will be healthier than their purebred puppy pals.

4- Each is unique

They’re basically one-of-a-kind pieces of art that have tons of personality and lots of love to give. They’re products of a lineage of different breeds, so their behavior and appearance is like no other. Even littermates can look very different from one another.

5- Their love don’t cost a thing (almost)

Animal shelter adoption fees are much less than the cost of a purebred dog. But obviously they still require food, routine vet visits, training, supplies, etc., etc…

6- Sometimes you can skip the puppy stage

Puppies are adorable – stupid cute! But they’re a lot of work. Many of the mutts and mixed breeds found in shelters are trained, so they’re no stranger to taking their business outside.

7- Mutts tend to be easy-going

Mixed breed dogs often do not exhibit the extremes in temperament and behavior that purebreds do. They also tend to score better in terms of stability, friendliness, shyness, protectiveness and aggression. Sure we’ve all known a few mutts who have been a little squirly – but that probably just has to do with poor training.

8- More intelligence and easier to train

Look, this one is even clever!

Since they get the best of all the different doggy worlds, they tend to be more trainable, intelligent and have more common sense. Obviously, this is just a general rule – they’re still dogs and a certain level of goofiness and dopiness will apply to all.

9- You’ll meet other mutt-lovers

Parents of human puppies talk about making friends through their litter. Having a dog is very similar – and your unique little critter will attract other likeminded people. They’re rad friend magnets!

10- They bring out your charitable side

You’ll feel good for rescuing a dog. After all, you are being an awesome human.

11- They give unconditional love

They remember their previous life. You’re their hero. Talk about a huge ego boost! (Side note – Do not get a dog just for an ego boost)


Now remember, dogs are a lot of work! Do not adopt one if you are not ready and committed to making him or her part of the family. If love dogs, but aren’t ready to be a puppy parent, please consider helping out a shelter to get your puppy love.

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