Random Acts of Kindness Day!

While we should always be kind, let this day serve as an added reason. As always, kindness doesn’t need to be hard. Keep it easy breezy…

10 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Give a genuine compliment to a stranger.
  2. Send a postcard to sick child who is fighting a serious illnesses and wants to receive mail OR you can also send mail to Cards for Hospitalized Kids, which delivers the cards to children in US hospitals.
  3. Leave an extra large tip for your server.
  4. Write a letter to a stranger who needs one through More Love Letters. Click there to find a list of people who could benefit from a letter of encouragement. Each person has been added to the site by a friend or family member.
  5. Let a driver pull ahead of you.
  6. Buy coffee for person behind you.
  7. Leave a positive review for a restaurant or service … don’t just Yelp when you’re pissed.
  8. Send cards to lonely seniors. 13-year-old Jacob Cramer started Love for the Elderly, which distributes letters to American seniors via senior centers and nonprofit organizations. This page explains how you can send a postal letter. Letters have come in from all over including Cleveland, Asia and Scotland.
  9. Buy a taco or sandwich for a homeless person.
  10. Write someone a genuine thank you letter or note. A friend just told me it made her day when an old co-worker sent her an email that said she was great at her job, and they missed her at work.
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Kinda Kind

Kinda Kind

It’s become my mission to show the world that not only is kindness fun and easy to do, but also that small actions can have giant impacts. That’s why I started Kinda Kind. I’m glad that your path has led you here and I’m glad we’re on the journey together to make kindness badass.