Once again, Mercury has gone into retrograde. This time it lasts December 3-22, making it the final retrograde of 2017. While most don’t even know what Mercury in retrograde truly means, we know it means things get chaotic and it’s used as an excuse for unfortunate events and poor behavior.

But like everything, good comes with the ‘bad’ – so below I have listed some benefits of Mercury’s Retrograde.

But first: What does it mean?

Three or four times a year, planet Mercury is said to go retrograde — that is to say it moves in an opposite direction to planet Earth. Planets move from east to west around the sun, and when Mercury turns to move from west to east instead, that’s when Mercury is in retrograde. Many refer to this time of year as simply Mercury retrograde.

But this backwards movement is an illusion, similar to the one you experience when you’re in a car on the highway moving faster than a train alongside you. The train appears to be moving backward, but it’s just moving more slowly than you are. The same thing happens when our planet passes Mercury in our orbit around the sun. Mercury is just moving slower than Earth, causing the illusion that it’s moving in retrograde.

Illusion or not, astrologers believe that during this time, it has an effect on life here on Earth, specifically within the realm of communication and technology. In astrology, Mercury governs communication, travel and learning.

For this reason, Mercury retrograde is blamed for everything from miscommunication to technological bugs, botched business deals, missed flights, a mechanical issue with your car or even a broken cellphone. But there is no science to back that up, according to Discover.

Astrologers believe you should take extra care during this time — don’t buy a new phone, computer or car (lest it turn into a lemon), take extra care to protect your electronics (keep your phone in its case, be sure to keep your water bottle far away from your computer), double check your flight times, don’t sign any business deals and avoid relationship-defining conversations.

Benefits to Mercury’s Retrograde:

1. Finding Lost Items.

Great time to search for personal items you may have lost. So pull up the couch cushions, dig through your closet, etc.

2. Sticking to Healthy Habits and Routines.

Now’s a great time to start a new fitness routine, adopt a healthy lifestyle, or ditch a bad habit since you’re more likely to stick to it.

3.  Finishing Old Projects.

Whether it’s a home re-modeling or something related to business, this is a great time to finish up any projects you started before Mercury went retrograde. Instead of the problems you previously experienced, you’ll actually enjoy finishing it.

4. Hearing From People In Your Past.

You’re more likely to hear from old friends, old flames, or even those associated with business.

5- Enhanced Creativity

The subconscious mind is on more equal footing with the conscious mind than normal, so your creative juices may be flowing a little more rapidly. The trick to this is to take lots of notes, make several drafts, and not give into the judgement in your head. Just keep working and it will begin to make sense.

6- More Introspective

During this time, self-knowledge and self-awareness —when you’re literally ‘hearing’ subconscious thoughts a bit louder—let you make deeper discoveries. You may be able to see old issues that have been driving things from a deep level that you weren’t aware of. One tip is to keep your mind clear so you’re able to receive messages more easily – journaling is a great hack for doing so. If you just observe this mindfully, by the time Mercury goes direct you can let things go, and you can move into a new life.

7- Learn (or Re-Learn) the Truth

Mercury is symbolic of learning and represents that part of us which is a constant student of life. With its retrograde, we’re often revisited with old lessons so we can remember and relearn about lost parts of our self (just as we also discover lost personal items). A retrograde of Mercury is a good time to remember and relearn what you forgot.

8- Corruption Is Exposed

The Full Moon on December 3rd was in Gemini, and was all about illuminating the truth. Since people are prone to making mistakes during retrograde, liars/fibbers/criminals are no exception. Their mistakes are often revealed during retrograde.

9- More Intuitive and Emotional

Full moons are charged with emotional energy. This doesn’t need to be a bad thing! Emotions are good. Feelings are good. This is a great opportunity to explore certain feelings and lead with compassion.

10- Extra Excuse to Practice Self Care

Not that you *need* one… but Mercury’s retrograde is a great one since communication and travel often go awry. Instead of risking it, now’s a great time to turn inwards, work on yourself, and make sure you’re taking care of #1.

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