Dogs are family, period. But when you’re homeless, your pup’s companionship is one of your few comforts. So when Mark Spencer’s pup named Wilbur was taken to the pound in Huntsville, Alabama, he was devastated. Unable to pay the fees to get Wilbur released, he stood outside a Walmart parking lot with a sign reading ‘Dog in pound, please help’ – and there was a serious lack of response…

Fortunately that changed when Elizabeth Masterson drove by and noticed the sign. A fellow dog lover, she told Mark she would be happy to pay the fee… until he told her it was $120.

 The payment was high because Wilbur had to be given his necessary shots and a flea bath before he could legally be released. Unfortunately Elizabeth only had $20, so she borrowed money from friends (promising to pay them back) and soon collected the funds necessary for the pup’s release from doggy jail.

Wilbur and Mark reunited

Naturally, the reunion was awesome and Mark vowed to never become separated from his BFF again. A fun fact that makes this story even better – he applied for a job at the pound. If hired, he plans to buy a house so he can get himself off the streets.

Kindness Is Badass!

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