After spending the major part of their life in captivity (80 years!!) elephants Boonme and Buabaan are free at last! The two were used inhumanely in Thailand’s logging industry. Worked tirelessly, all while chained and working beyond their capacity reports the Daily Mail.


Thanks to a campaign, the pair was freed and set free into Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The campaign was started by a 23-year-old YouTuber and filmmaker, Christian Leblanc. And their release was made possible due to Leblanc’s efforts in raising thousands of dollars for the elephants’ release.

Boonme and Buabaan, aged 80 and 50 respectively, are living it up now that they finally know freedom. And according to sources at their new home, they spend most of their time frolicking in mud and gorging on veggies and fruits.

More good news: their rescue will be featured in Leblanc’s upcoming documentary, Black Tusk which will try to create awareness about the cruelty of the elephant trekking trade that’s booming in Thailand.

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