If you’re gonna drink beer, you might as well drink for a cause. Dog Tag Brewing, a combat-veteran owned brewery, is making it easy to get a buzz while doing some good.

The craft beer company has one mission: brew quality beer that delivers a message that remembers and honors those who have lost their life in combat. So on every can of beer Dog Tag produces, a fallen soldier‘s full name, title and story are printed on the side.

Dog Tag works with Gold Star families, a group created by and for those who have lost a loved one in battle, to learn about the soldiers and their stories. Proceeds from each beer will be donated to organizations selected by each family, to individually honor their fallen soldier.

Dog Tag is currently only available in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, but hopefully they gain more distribution soon, so we can all get a buzz, for good.

Finally, a beer that makes us a better person for drinking it.

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