95-year-old Edward Hardy, a British war veteran and lifelong jazz pianist, recently went to live in a nursing home because he has dementia. After arriving, he missed his wife of 75 years and said his only wish was to play in a jazz band again. A worker at the facility sent out a classified ad asking if anyone would like to come play with Hardy.

The response was amazing…

More than 80 musicians asked to come out to Wookey, Somerset and play music with Hardy. Out of the large group of applicants, the band was narrowed down to a quintet with Hardy starring on the piano. Even though he has dementia, he has still retained all of his musical abilities. The performance was incredible and the band looks forward to reuniting in the upcoming months.

Check out this video and watch Hardy and the band play a jazzy version of “The Lady is a Tramp” – made famous by Frank Sinatra.

This is such a sweet story and an awesome reminder of how a little kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life.


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