In this series, I highlight a particular gift you can give that doesn’t require much, or any money at all. Great for those Living Beautifully on a Budget!

Teach a Technology Lesson

It’s hard for anyone to have their finger on the pulse of all the ever-changing technologies. But, some people are definitely more skilled than others. Give the gift of your tech savvy skills to those lagging behind.

Present the gift recipient with a card that displays photo of the piece of technology that really grinds their gears, and explain that you’ll give them the gift of training them to use that fancy new-fangled device.

Tricky technologies to teach:

  • How to save contacts to phone
  • How to send and receive text messages
  • How to send an email
  • How to upload and save photos
  • How to browse the internet
  • How to get on Facebook

More than likely, a lot of these tricky technologies are second nature to you, but to those not familiar with technology, even starting can seem extremely daunting. Be their patient and helpful IT teacher this Christmas – you’ll be much appreciated!

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