22 Nov 2016

Simple Ways to Show Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving If You’re Bad with Words

Bad with words but want your people to know you appreciate them? Or do you feel cheesy when you tell you someone how much you care? Or feel like the giving of “thanks” is a bit too forced? Many people feel you. But don’t let your ego give your loved ones the shaft. Instead of words,…

14 Sep 2016

5 Reasons to Thank My Narcissistic Ex-Best Friend

If I could say anything to my narcissistic ex-best friend it would be… “thank you.” Thank you for this last year of friendship, overall, I have learned a lot. Despite the fact we barely spoke or saw one another, the distance has made me gain a different perspective. So, thank you for teaching me these five…

21 Jan 2016

Self Empowerment: Say “Thank you” Not “I’m Sorry”

How often do you say “I’m sorry” when what you actually mean is “thank you”? I know I’m guilty of this one – in fact, I feel guilty over just about anything. Because of that, I’m quick to apologize for doing something that results in someone doing something for me. For example: as a vegetarian,…