Dick pics - A CENSORED dick pic by comedian and actor Eric Andre that i found on the Internet.
01 Aug 2017

ASU Woman Sick Of Dick Pics, Tells Dick-Picker’s Mom

The only thing stupider than sending dick pics anonymously: Sending them to someone you know. I don’t need to be on Tinder or Snapchat—and I’m not—to know that ‘dick pics’ pose a clear and present threat to the predominantly (I assume) female population.  I guess I just wasn’t aware of how…

12 May 2016

A Friend’s Guide to Modern Mobile Communication

I come from an era where pagers and pay phones were personal communication devices. Sure, I was young in that era, but I’m old enough to remember feeling cool with my see-thru blue pager clipped onto my belt. To be honest, it never had any service on it, but that didn’t matter because I at least…