Sometimes people are the worst. We do stupid things for selfish reasons, completely oblivious to the stuff we’re screwing up. One of those times happened last weekend in Costa Rica when a large mob of gawking, staring, pointing, selfie-taking tourists disrupted endangered sea turtles from laying their eggs on a beach.

Masses of excited fools

Every year hundreds of sea turtles make the trek to a wildlife refuge in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and typically it goes off without any problems. The area is normally inaccessible, but due to an unusually dry season, idiots flocked to the area and used the opportunity to take photos, stand on nests, pet and even sit their children upon the turtles, who were clearly on a mission and too busy for these people’s shit.


The actions of the stupid humans resulted in several turtles returning to the ocean without laying their eggs. I completely understand the want to do this stupid stuff, but people, c’mon, pull yourselves together and quit screwing things up!

Doesn’t have time for this nonsense…

In related news, Costa Rica’s Secretary of Environment is investigating why officials were unable to control the masses of morons.

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