The attempted robbery was even caught on surveillance video (because there is good in the world). According to one of the dildo wielding store employees, a man walked in with his face covered pointing what appeared to be a gun, although the store employee was convinced the gun was fake.

“With the gun, he walked in. I just thought he was trying to be funny, to scare us,” she said. “But then I saw the gun and it was like, really? I don’t have time for this.”

She started yelling at him, and at one point he grabbed her. That’s when a coworker at the store started throwing sex toys at him. Eventually he fled the store empty-handed.

“I think he was a coward,” said the store’s other employee. “Coming in and trying to get over on two females and not realizing that w’ere pretty feisty.”

Lesson kids, always use protection.

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