A brand new, story telling event called CONFESS is coming to San Francisco. It’s providing a ‘sacred space for the profane’ and a platform for people to safely share their deepest secrets, wishes, vulnerabilities and to be heard. Between the story tellers who are sharing with the crowd, and audience members participating in the form of anonymous confessions, CONFESS sounds like a really interesting event. You can check out the first one September 17 – here’s the facebook invite.

Here’s a write up about the event from its creator Finn Deerhart:

We often hold feelings inside that seem to contradict themselves. This can be so confusing if we have been conditioned to appear one certain way on the outside, if we have been conditioned to hold a static identity of who we are. Many of us struggle with personal honesty because of this phenomenon. We try to edit out the parts of us that don’t fit the whole of who we are expected to be. In the process, we make ourselves suffer and we can never truly be whole. CONFESS is a story telling event that provides a sacred space for the profane. It is a place to tell our stories of vulnerability and be heard, for us to experience wholeness and acceptance in admitting our deepest truths and the lessons we have learned when hiding these truths. CONFESS is a show that celebrates the profane as part of the sacred. At CONFESS, we can hold space for both the dark and the light within us and connect with others who walk the path of openness and self-acceptance. We host story tellers that bravely tell their own vulnerable stories about sex, love, relationships, betrayal, death, and many other experiences. The highlight of each CONFESS show is the participation of audience members, who have a chance to share their own secrets, wishes and regrets in the form of anonymous confessions. At each show, we bring a voice to these unspoken perspectives, reading them aloud and featuring some of them in skits with improvisational actors.

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