Since the government fails to ban, or even require the labeling of genetically modified foods, we have to be diligent ourselves.

How to protect yourself:

1. Buy organic


Organic companies cannot knowingly use genetically modified ingredients. Or better yet, go all ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and start growing your own.


2. Avoid most highly genetically modified crops

This is where canola oil comes from.

This is where canola oil comes from.

Such as corn, soy, canola or cottonseed. When eating out try to avoid fried foods, or foods with a lot of added oils unless they are using 100 percent olive oil or another pure fat/oil.

So those corn chips at the Mexican restaurant or in your pantry? Genetically modified unless organic. Fries from that crappy but delicious fast-food place? Fried in oil made from genetically modified corn or soy. Even a “healthy” stir-fry from that Asian restaurant or that one where people use giant sticks to grill up your food? Genetically modified canola oil was the “healthy” oil they stir-fried it in. I know, it’s bullshit.


3. Eat at home

Get in there and become a f*cking culinary master

Get in there and become a f*cking culinary master (or just chop a lot of stuff)

If you eat out a lot, try to start cutting back and eat more at home. You will have much more control over your consumption of genetically modified foods. Plus, you will pay less for higher quality. Added bonus, becoming a skilled badass in the kitchen (maybe).


4. Watch out for packaged foods

Just say no

Just say no

In addition to being full of junk, they almost always have one or more GMO ingredient. GMO’s are in roughly 80 percent of the packaged foods sold in the USA and Canada. So, here’s one more reason to avoid those packaged pastries and other awesome, but terrible-for-you “food.”

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