21 Dec 2015

5 Gifts That Don’t Cost Any Money

Regardless of your finances, you can still give this Christmas. Because let’s face it, if you don’t give anything, you’ll feel like crap and so will your gift-less friends and family (probably). So here you go, here are 5 gifts that are free. Let Them Borrow Your Brawn Physical strength isn’t everyone’s strong suit, so…

20 Dec 2015

Recipes for a Vegan Christmas That Aren’t Gross

Ahh, vegans – you kind souls. Unfortunately sometimes vegan food doesn’t taste great, making the holidays tricky and less delicious. But never fear, vegan food doesn’t need to taste like shit. Here’s how to have a vegan Christmas that’s delicious. Vegan Eggnog  Spiked, or not (but definitely spiked) – everyone loves a glass of eggnog; it’s a…

20 Dec 2015

Last Minute Gifts for Tech and Gadget Lovers

Need to get that certain person (friend, family member, colleague, etc.) a gift, and all you know is they spend a lot of time plugged into their gadgets? Look no further, get them one of these cool tech gifts.

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

15 Dec 2015

Christmas Peace Walk Unites Students in Northern Ireland

Last Friday, December 11th, over 400 schoolchildren walked across Belfast, Northern Ireland to express their common Christmas wish: peace. The students came from seven different schools, for a gathering that wouldn’t have been possible a few Christmases ago. Their parents and grandparents were once sworn enemies. “We want to play our part in building a…

14 Dec 2015

Kindness as a Kinda Currency

Sunsets spent with Tom Waits are priceless. Can you monetize those (yet)? It’s October, I’m lounging in a sunken jacuzzi bathtub in a multi-story Berkeley Hills home that boasts sweeping views of the SF skyline and both bridges, when I realize, “I don’t own any of this.” The song Old Shoes…

11 Dec 2015

Shop Local for the Holidays: Detroit

If you’re gonna purchase gifts for people this holiday season (or anytime, really) – shop local. By doing so you’re helping support a dream, pay a mortgage, and keep food on the table. The local makers need and appreciate your money way more than the corporations. Detroit has had its ups and downs, but don’t let anyone…


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