In this series, I highlight a particular option for giving back that requires little or no actual money. Great for those Living Beautifully on a Budget!

Let Someone Borrow Your Brawn 

Physical strength isn’t everyone’s strong suit, so if it happens to be one of yours – realize that lending it out makes for a terrific gift!

If you’re in need of something tangible to also present, vs just stating “me lift heavy things for you,” present the recipient with a card that lists how the use of your brawn is their gift.

Brawny gifts include:

  • Helping someone move
  • Removing heavy boxes of ‘junk’ from their basement
  • Taking apart someones furniture
  • Loading up your vehicle with items for donation and dropping off at facility
  • Take apart and remove old piece of furniture that has a new replacement

And realize that often times people put off doing things that include heavy lifting (even if they really want them done) simply because they can’t do it themselves and figure finding someone to help will be too difficult or expensive.

Happy Helping!

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