The thought of coming face-to-face with a crocodile (or alligator for that matter) is terrifying. Apparently no human has ever swam with and touched a huge croc in the wild without an attack (a statement I could’ve previously easily accept as fact without feeling the need to research).

But get this: 20 years ago, Chito, an animal lover from Costa Rica rescued Pocho (a giant croc) from a hunting bullet wound and nursed him back to health. During the recovery, Chito and Pocho formed a unique bond and every time Chito tried to release Pocho back into the wild, he returned. As you can see in this video, Chito swims and plays with Pocho, hugs, kisses (terrifying), and feeds his BFF (not with his life, as I’d expect).

While I’d never ever, ever (omg, holy shit, never!) suggest trying to summon your inner Chito or Dr. Doolittle with a croc, this incredible story shows a new side to these terrifying, aggressive creatures (one that seemed unimaginable) and proves that crocodiles can show emotion and create connections with humans. And importantly, serves as a killer reminder of the power of a little kindness. Unfortunately, Pocho died a few years ago at the age of 50 of natural causes, but his legacy remains.

Check out this short video to see footage of Chito and Pocho’s bond. I’m familiar with crocodile tears, but not crocodile kisses. Crazy!

Interested in learning even more of their story, check out this 45 minute video.


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