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Kindness is the cheapest, easiest thing to give. We live a life were negativity reigns. Negative emotions are powerful. You could get a raise at work but come home to you S/O having left. What takes over? The negative. Negative is contagious….but so is positive. After a Dirty Heads concert my friends and I waited for our ride (my friend broke her leg so we waited with her while the guys picked up the car). We were In such good spirits that we decided to start yelling “free hugs” to everyone who came out of the concert. Some people reluctantly gave them while others ran and tightly grabbed a hold of us with giant smiles. One refused and my broken legged friend attempted to chase him down as she hobbled on her cane. An epic sight if you ask me, a 30 something year old woman chasing a guy with her cane demanding a free hug. It was like a positive version of “get off my lawn.” Point is, during the process, we encountered 90% positive feedback. We are our destiny. We choose how we feel. If emotion is contagious, I pick positive every time. Love to you all.

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