19 Mar 2016

Why These Millennials Live in a Retirement Home?

While this may appear to be a purely financial decision at first, I think there are a lot of KindnessKarma points that come out of these Millennials deciding to live their lives this way! It also allows them to understand the older generations and learn from them… a win-win!     C

14 Mar 2016

Kindness wins Awards!

A touching ceremony highlighting that Kindness is Kick Ass… A well deserved award for someone that does a lot for a lot of children, men, woman and animals… That said, you don’t have to be famous to do something kind for others! Visit the link below to learn more. Click here to

12 Mar 2016

A teen’s answer to Kindness for others…

A teenager invents a new take on an IV pole that makes it into something adorable instead of so scary – so that other children afflicted with cancer have a few more smiles and laughs… (heart melting) Visit the link below to learn more. Click here to add your own post to the community

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

10 Mar 2016

5th Graders do something VERY special for a classmate

Illinois may be the birth place of deep dish pizza, but it sure doesn’t stack up to very much depth compared to what some 5th graders in the Peoria, IL did for a fellow 5th grader! They learned Sign Language so that they could communicate their fellow classmate! and they did it by ditching

07 Mar 2016

Unsung Hero – Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes..

A man does little things every day that make a big impact in other’s lives… We should all aspire to have this much impact on our surroundings! [While it is an ad, it’s still inspirational!]

05 Mar 2016

Being reunited within the best of us…

Tansy and Damian Aspinall help Gorillas and bring them into their original habitat – the forests, the wild… Reunited after 12 years and the Gorillas remember… This story is how every animal should be treated… Beautiful! Visit the link below to learn more. Click here to add