Sometimes in life, you meet someone whose heart is just too big for their body. While you give yourself a big pat on the back for holding the door open for someone, this person is spending their Saturday helping less fortunate at a soup kitchen or singing to people at a hospital. Lucky for me, I have met one of those people in my 30 years of existence on this planet. My friend Sara, with the urging of her daughter, decided to start a project in which they help less fortunate.


The project came about when Sara mentioned to her daughter about the idea of a shelter. Sara’s daughter became worried that the Easter Bunny would not know where to deliver baskets during Easter. Acting quickly, she asked her mother if they could create baskets to take over to the children at the Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan. Sara reached out to the head of the shelter, and was given a list of 42(!) children ages 6 months to 17 years old.

Sara reached out to her friends from high school, requesting their help in putting together baskets. She created a GoFundMe account in which donations were given in order to populate the baskets. Her friends also dropped off items at her workplace (she’s a nurse, which makes sense when speaking about the big heart). A few of the helpers went even further, putting together entire baskets on their own.

The baskets will be delivered to the children on March 19th, and a day of fun is planned for the kids. A tie-die station will be set up, juice and donuts will be brought in to enjoy (I’ll try my very best to not eat some myself), and an egg hunt.

Needless to say, Sara has gone above and beyond in order to help children who are less fortunate than we are. So while you are searching for those hidden eggs or eating a giant piece of chocolate on Easter, take a moment to think about those young children who do not enjoy all the things that we take for granted. And remember people like Sara who take time out of their already busy lives to make a difference.

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