In honor of Giving Tuesday, Kinda Kind will feature one fundraiser every week.

To submit a fundraiser, GoFundMe, Generosity, etc., do so at the Community Forum. All valid will be published, and one will be featured.

This week’s is: Two Lovers on the Run

Since November, David and Christine have been terrorized and victimized by someone driving a VW van. On Nov 23rd, the van initially tried to run them off the road. On Nov 26th, their new car had hot tar poured on it which ruined the tail lights, the paint job and the rear camera. On Dec 3rd, 3 of their tires were slashed and the vehicle had to be towed for repair. On Dec 13th, he slashed two tires. On Jan 2nd , he slashed three more tires. They have had to leave their home, jobs and life in California behind and move to a secret location — in hopes of starting a new life without a crazy stalker.

david marino

To learn more about their story and make a donation, visit here.  

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