If you’re looking for a story that will make you say “WTF” – how about this: A man robbed a Girl Scout cookie stand!

I know, insane. The robbery occurred last Wednesday outside of a supermarket in Union City, CA. Fortunately neither the 12-year-old girl or her mother were hurt. And to think I loved cookies… geez.

The local police weren’t having any of this. They ended up purchasing the remaining cookies and donated more than $1,000 to the mother and girl.

cops save the day girl scout cookies robbed good news
Sgt. Stan Rodrigues and Sgt. Paul Kanazeh

According to reports, the cookie thief approached the stand and asked about purchasing cookies, but didn’t buy any. He returned a short time later, displayed a pistol and robbed the girl’s mother of an undisclosed amount of cash from the cookie sales, the paper reports.

While the whole department are cookie lovers, some of them even have kids currently involved in the scouts. So upon hearing of this robbery, they all started shelling out cash for cookies, and to cover the costs of the robbery.


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