Cleaning is an integral part of life. Without prisoners and jailbirds picking up trash from the sides of highways and interstates, roadways would be significantly less enjoyable to drive along. If friends of yours stopped cleaning their homes, quit washing clothes, dishes, and their bathroom, they just might lose you as their friend. Universities who fail to clean up in dormitories after young college students may cause the whole building to stink to high heaven!

Quality cleaning service providers are important for businesses, residential complexes, universities, and virtually every other type of organization. Here are four of the United States’ most popular, and most hard-working, cleaning companies.


Handy, the Mobile App

Handy was founded by former Harvard College roommates, now-current business partners Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. This cleaning service is based on a mobile app that links independent contractor cleaners with commercial and residential spaces that need to be cleaned. To be listed on Handy as a cleaner, applicants must undergo a thorough screening process to be selected to serve Handy less than five percent of the time.

Cleaners that contract their services through Handy are likely to work hard because of its innovative tipping feature. Workers are paid up front, then they mark their jobs as “complete” upon finishing. Once business owners, lessees, or homeowners see their cleaners’ work, they have the ability to tip them through the mobile app, encouraging the cleaners to perform superb jobs each and every time.


Maid Complete

This organization is a leading provider of maid services, mainly in the Western United States. They specialize in apartment and residential cleaning, and are trusted around tons of expensive furniture, electronics, and other equipment. They also do move-out cleanings which is a great help to homeowners and sellers looking to improve the moving experience.


GCA Services Group

This organization performs work in a number of fields, primarily in educational services. Their employees can be trusted around young children, schools with high-dollar values of in-house technology, and around busy teachers without being disruptive.

GCA Services Group’s low hierarchy provides account managers – those that oversee regular cleaning progress at particular schools or entire school districts – with an effective, reliable promise to the community, with even the lowest-level employees providing a strong sense of effort to clients.



Unlike many other cleaners, Steamatic, Inc., uses the power of steam to bust through outdated and weather-damaged residential and commercial areas. Their employees always go the extra mile in making sub-par living areas look top-notch. They assist in many disasters, providing services to both residential and commercial properties.

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