Are people acting more irrational or crazier than normal, or does it just seem that way because of the flood of media? In Episode 2  we talk with best selling author and personal empowerment coach Paul Colaianni, host of the top-rated personal growth and development podcast called The Overwhelmed Brain,  about to to help you move contentious conversations forward and better deal with the constant stream of  irrational thoughts/comments.

In this episode, you will…
  • Learn kind and understanding ways to move conversations forward with the “Enemy”
  • Uncover the rational thought behind irrational behavior
  • Discover how to talk to the “emotions” behind irrational arguments
  • Realize how to identify when you are becoming irrational
  • See how to disconnect from the meaning of hurtful or irrational words


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About our guest Paul Colaianni from The Overwhelmed Brain:  

Best selling author and Personal Empowerment Coach Paul Colaianni is the host of the top-rated personal growth and development podcast called The Overwhelmed Brain.

If you’re analyzing your life but can’t figure out just what you need to do to become fulfilled and at peace, listen to Paul’s show. He’ll help you bridge the gap between your emotions and reason, causing you to discover why you do the things you do and what you can do to reach higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress and overwhelm.

As a certified coach currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Paul helps clients all over the world through his books, the podcast and website. Visit theoverwhelmedbrain.comfor more information on his teachings or to send him a message.

*The Overwhelmed Brain podcast is currently played in over 120 countries and has held its position as one of the top-20 self-help shows in the world for three years. Available through iTunes and other podcast websites and apps.

Contact Paul at Colaianni :


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