Let’s face it, bad news sells. I can spend all day posting about inspirational people doing incredible things to make the world a better place – but data, main stream media, and my Facebook newsfeed tells me that people would much rather hear about horrific things happening … even if they aren’t real.

Statistics have shown that people’s preferences for news have remained “surprisingly static” over the last two decades. Michael J. Robinson began a study in 1986, and his reports have shown that war and terrorism have consistently ranked at the top of the stack since the study began. Other bad news that remains at the top includes natural and manmade disasters, and bad weather. Money news has shown significant growth over the years. And crime, health, and politics have remained consistent at the mid-level interest categories.

So to give the people what they want, Kinda Kind will now become Kinda Shitty. And I’ll be reporting on all the hits, including but limited to:

Terrorism Is Everywhere: Why You Should Never Leave Your Home

A Ticker That Constantly Updates with The Amount of Money the U.S. Has Spent on War

Why Global Warming Is Your Fault and How There’s Nothing You Can Do to Help

Why You’ll Always Be Poor

Diseases You Probably Have

Lock Your Doors, Hide Your Wife and Kids, Because Crime Is All Around Us


April Fool’s! Typically I wouldn’t join in the “fun,” but I feel this joke speaks volumes about where we are as a society and what we consider normal. Good news happens all the time – imagine how much better the world would be if we highlighted more of that. Fortunately, Kinda Kind isn’t turning into Kinda Shitty. Because remember, Kindness Is Badass!

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