Are your bangs a little too grown, or you are in desperate need of a change and decided to go for bangs vs new boobs? While I’d never discourage someone from seeing a professional hair stylist, these tips will help you out if you’re in a pinch!
Step 1: Prep Hair & Find Existing Bangs or Create Triangular Part

I recommend using professional scissors. Here you can purchase some professional Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors with adjustable tension and finger inserts.

For starters: make sure your hair is dry and brushed. For obvious reasons, having a massive tangle will mess up the desired end result. Now that your bangs are fully dried and brushed, let’s carry on.

I had preexisting bangs, so I simply found and separated those from the remainder of my hair.

For the brave souls embarking upon a fresh set, or those whose existing bangs are long, long gone, they will need to create a triangular part as you see in the picture.

I tend to sweep my bangs over my left eye to cover a nasty scar, therefore, the triangle comes out of that side part. See and examine photo, carefully.

It is important not to make the triangle’s base too wide or too narrow, but if you’re worried, take a little less hair since you can always cut more. Also, do not make the triangle too tall. No more than 2 inches, otherwise you will end up cutting into your hairstyle and you’re bangs will be too thick.

Again, use the above photo as a reference.

Step 2: Brush Bangs to Opposite Side You Want Them to Fall 

Yes, the opposite side. Since I want my bangs to fall over my left eye, I brushed them over my right eye.
Step 3: Cut Hair below Fingers

Alright, Edward scissorhands, now is your time to shine. Using your fingers, pull bangs to the opposite side you intend to wear them and then cut in a straight, even line below where your fingers are holding them.

Pulling and cutting them on the opposite side results in the angle required for side swept bangs.

Step 4: Push Back to Side You Want to Wear Them

After cutting your side swept bangs, sweep those babies back to the side you intend to wear them.

You should now notice the angle, which I mentioned in the previous step. The bangs near the center of the face are shorter and become gradually longer as they reach the side of my face.

Step 5: Cut Upwards into the Bangs

Since we cut the bangs in a straight line, they are a little too ‘perfect.’

Pull your bangs to the front and cut upwards, into the bangs to break up the straightness of the line.

Obviously you do not want to overdue this step.

Step 6: Examine Results of Cutting Upwards into the Bangs

This is the result of cutting upwards into the bangs. You should notice the line is not as straight and looks a little more ‘worn in.’
Step 7: Round Brush and Style

Using a round brush and heat from a hair dryer, brush bangs to the side you want them to fall and hold handle up higher (as pictured) to get them to ‘swoop’ across your face.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Bangs and Live Well

Once they’re all blow dried and round brushed out, you should be able to tell if they are satisfactory, if not, cut upwards into the bangs a few more times.

Apply a little product or hair spray if you want, and get out there and flaunt your brand new, side swept bangs!

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